What Is a Squib Kick in Football? All You Need to Know

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To win at football, one must employ complex techniques and plans. The squib kick is one of the various football techniques. This particular kick is made to keep the ball low and bouncing, making it challenging for the receiving team to successfully return it. We shall delve into the specifics of what a squib kick is and how it is applied in football in this post.

What Is a Squib Kick in Football?

In American football, a squib kick is a style of kickoff in which the ball is thrown low and short, usually just beyond the initial line of defenders. Making it harder for the receiving team to return the ball up the field is the goal.

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When Is a Squib Kick Used?

When a team wants to stop a big return or a score towards the end of a half or game, they frequently deploy a squib kick. It is also frequently employed when the team kicking is trying to squander time and has a sizable lead.

How Effective Is a Squib Kick in Football?

Because a squib kick pushes the receiving team to field the ball closer to their own end zone, it is excellent at preventing huge returns or touchdowns. The likelihood that the receiving team will begin its drive in a poorer field position rises as a result. The ball’s low trajectory and frequent bounces make it difficult to handle and increase the chance of turnovers.

What Is a Squib Kick in Football

The Drawbacks of a Squib Kick

While a squib kick can be an effective strategy, it also has its drawbacks. For example, if not executed correctly, the ball can be kicked out of bounds, resulting in a penalty and the receiving team starting their drive at the 40-yard line. Additionally, a squib kick that is too short can allow the receiving team to field the ball and set up a return with good field position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically kicks a squib kick?

Squib kicks are often executed by the kicker, although they can also be carried out by punters or even quarterbacks.

Can a squib kick result in a turnover?

Indeed, a squib kick can cause a fumble or a muffed reception because to the low trajectory and unpredictable bounces, providing the kicking team a chance to recover the ball.

Why don’t teams always use a squib kick?

Depending on the circumstances of the game, a squib kick can be hazardous and not always the ideal tactic for a team. Moreover, it loses field position and, if done incorrectly, might result in penalties.


Squib kicks are a unique kickoff technique utilised in American football, to sum up. Although it has its limitations and isn’t always the greatest tactic for a team to adopt, it can be an effective technique to stop large returns or scores. Any football coach’s playbook must include information on the squib kick and when to employ it.

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